Logo Development Project for Center for Sacred Window Studies
Main logo creation as well as alternates for full creative flexibility

Happy is what you get when just the right amount of direction successfully communicates the clients needs, allowing the designer to use the inspiration to really create something that both the client and designer love.

The simple request was to create a mandala. I was asked to not lean too heavily on eastern influence, alternatively, get inspiration from nature with the use of flower petals. An additional thought was to possibly incorporate the 5 elements of nature (space, air, fire, water, earth).

I was encouraged not to adhere to any ideas too strictly, rather, to use the concepts as a guideline, thereby placing the creative process into my hands. I felt immediately that the direction I was given was very helpful. I knew what the client wanted, was immediately inspired by the ideas, and felt reassured that my creativity and recommendations would be well received.

The basic flower petal mandala was developed and having given the 5 elements of nature some thought, I decided to subtly add them by way of using 5 colors in the pallet. The mandala also featured 5 petals of each individual color circling the mandala. A subtle nod to the inspiration without overworking the design.
Alternate circle logo with funky font for playful use: t-shirts, swag, etc.
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